Sunday, November 9, 2008

What being bored does to you....

Well since Joleen keeps making fun of for not posting anything for such a long time, and the fact that I am BORED OUT OF MY MIND at work (can't believe there are 6 freaking hours left! I want to cry! haha) I guess I will write a little something...unfortunately I have no pictures :( we go: I am currently 33 weeks pregnant- HUGE pregnant haha. We can't wait for the arrival of our little boy, who will proudly be named Thomas Edward Ames V (yes the fifth!!! Think he will have alot to live up to?) School is...well school. 5 weeks left (thank God!) and that's all I have to say about that- I used to love school but this program has proved me wrong! Don't know if i mentioned it before, but we finally moved into a bigger place out of town (so nice to be back out in the country!). It is so much better- Tommy gets to hunt whenever he wants, Tutie can go outside and play and look at the cows and horses whenever, and probably the best thing is that I don't have to be scared of cracked out neighbors ever night now!
Tommy is (besides AMAZING) busy all the time. I could go on and on about him an how wonderful he is and how special he makes me feel. I absolutely LOVE watching him with Tutie- he is the best daddy! He works so hard for our family- being a full time Federal Firefighter (which i love to tell people because firefighters are HOT! ;) right Jen?), helping my dad on the ranch, selling firewood, and just recently working as a paramedic perdiem here at Banner.
Tutie is the light of my life. Everyday she amazes me with something different. I love the fact that she calls me "mommy" rather than just mama. I love the way she waves to everyone, and she has the most beautiful smile. She kisses and rubs my belly everyday and points to it and says "baby". Makes me so happy. For Halloween she was ballerina and she colored her very pumpkin! It was so fun watching her! I can't believe she is 1 months old already. Time flys! Hmm, I like bragging about my family, guess I will have to get on here more often and put up some pics!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Out for the CoUnT

Well of course we started out having fun in the swing and playing peek-a-boo, and laughing, and screaming...................then................................she slowly started to get sleepy.....very...very...sleepy...until she was OUT!

Welcome to the world Rylee Nicole!

Meet Rylee Nicole Moore! My beautiful niece that was born to my sister Monica on July 22, 2008! A whopping 5 pounds 14 ounces! She is so stinking cute and of course loves her Aunt Hunnie!!!! And her Uncle Tom Cat and her most favorite cousin in the world......Tutie Ione Ames!


I just love these new flip flops I just got! The are probably the coolest that I know of! HA HA

Our Family! (CUTE!)

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
Create your own family sticker graphic at

It has been too long since I put anything on here so I guess it's time to add something...and of course you know it's going to be about my little girl!!! She has these little leather cowboy/moccasin looking boots that she promptly stole from her cousin Rylee (they were a baby shower gift, and as soon as Tutie saw them she HAD to have them!). Well she has to wear them ALL THE TIME! And I mean all the time- awake and asleep!

Then my mom bought her this leather jacket just for the fun of it, and guess what...she freaking loves it! Look at what a little bad ass she thinks she is!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hmm..another blog from work

I'm on my second 12-hour night shift as a labor and delivery apprentice nurse (which the first one about a week ago TOTALLY kicked my butt by the way!!) and I finally have a minute where Tutie isn't running around screaming and I can actually THINK for a second. There have been so many things going on lately it has been hard to get a grasp on everything! From waiting for my sister Monica to have her baby, to the up coming election (once I get started I can't stop!), to who is going to be able to cut hay tomorrow, or who is going to watch Tutie, is the house clean enough, or how are we going to afford this?, and "OMG! i really need to get going on my school work before school starts!
Monica is so close to having her baby I can hardly stand it! I am so excited for my niece (Rylee Nicole Moore) to arrive! Monica or Auntie Mouse has been the most amazing aunt to Tutie and I can't wait to be a great "Aunt Honey" to little Miss Rylee! Monica is even going to let me be in the delivery room with her! How awesome is that?! We are going to all have such a special bond!
Haying season is here and has been- but second crop only ever seems to be busier than the first! Not do we have just the regular headache that haying season brings- equipment breakdown, everyone finding ways/time to work, and getting everything done in a timely matter, we get to have the extra pressure of worrying about having enough water to be able to irrigate! Water shortage being way worse this year than the couple past we are having to rearrange our schedules- sacrifice fields, change crop plans, and even irrigate strictly on time rather than if the field is done or not. And yeah hay prices are the best that they have been in a couple years but that doesn't help right now- nor is it going to help for our losses that will carry over into next year. And to top it off (which effects us personally double time) cattle prices are SO LOW! So you don't have any place to put these cattle, so what do you do? Sell them? More like giving them away! It's like a never ending cycle of ups and downs i guess.
Hopefully this part doesn't offend anyone but if it does- you didn't have to keep reading this! I CAN NOT stand the fact that we may soon be having a Muslum running our country! Yes, I may not agree with everything that the current president has done, but I CAN NOT agree with anything that this man says! I mean seriously- who wants someone who won't even say the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to run our country? I know I sure as hell don't! "Change change change" is what he is promising right? Well doesn't every candidate do that? Its just what you want to hear, once they get there they will do there own thing anyways. But overall I would much rather see someone in office that at least RESPECTS the freaking country in which they want to be president of! Errrrr!!!
Well I guess that is enough rambling on for now. Don't worry I will have some actual family blogs and pictures soon...i have great ideas for them anyways!